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New Year, Better You

January 08, 20249 min read

Welcome to a new chapter—2024—a year ripe with possibilities, and what better time to embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment?

When we're ready for new beginnings, there's no better ally than doTERRA's MetaPWR, a dynamic and innovative tool designed to amplify your path to well-being.

In a world where well-being is a holistic pursuit, MetaPWR emerges as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive approach to support your physical, mental, and emotional health. Join us as we delve into the transformative potential of doTERRA's MetaPWR, exploring its unique features, benefits, and the ways it seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

MetaPWR Sample

MetaPWR Product Line

What is MetaPWR?

Your metabolic health and biological age are intricately linked. With aging comes changes in metabolic function, influencing your energy levels, weight management, body composition, and cognitive performance. A robust and healthy metabolism contributes to an overall sense of well-being.

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level.* Designed to be used in a system, each MetaPWR product offers a specialty, while also supporting and enhancing the benefits of the other products. It aids in managing cravings, maintaining a balanced glycemic and insulin response throughout the day, and naturally enhancing cellular energy. When integrated into a wholesome lifestyle, MetaPWR products can contribute to both feeling fantastic and maintaining a youthful appearance.

The 3-Step MetaPWR System

Step 1:

Maintain a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet and seamlessly incorporate MetaPWR Metabolic Blend products into your daily regimen to foster comprehensive metabolic well-being. Preliminary studies propose that MetaPWR Metabolic Blend may assist in managing cravings and impeding the maturation of fat cells.* Easily infuse a drop of the 15 mL essential oil blend into your water at various intervals throughout the day. For moments on the move when cravings strike, consider consuming a beadlet or chewing a piece of gum. Additionally, explore the option of integrating softgels into your daily supplement routine.

Step 2:

Optimize your energy levels by incorporating MetaPWR Metabolic Assist with your main daily meal*. This potent supplement features mulberry leaf extract, designed to promote a more consistent and sustained energy distribution throughout the day*. Supporting stability in your typical blood glucose range can contribute to a healthier aging process*. Consume one MetaPWR Assist capsule 15–30 minutes prior to your meal for optimal benefits.

Step 3:

Regular utilization of MetaPWR Advantage, featuring marine collagen and NMN, has the potential to promote a vibrant metabolic age, fostering both an enhanced sense of well-being and a more youthful appearance.* When integrated into the complete MetaPWR System alongside healthy lifestyle choices, MetaPWR Advantage works to sustain optimal levels of NAD+ and collagen in your cells, supporting cognitive function, lean muscle, connective tissue, and skin health.* Simply empty the contents of one sachet into a shaker bottle filled with five to eight ounces of cool or room temperature liquid, ensuring a thorough shake before consumption.

Meet the MetaPWR Line

MetaPWR Product Line

The MetaPWR system has six different products, each to help aid in different areas in your life. We will be going over each product in this line and the many benefits they have.

MetaPWR Blend

1. MetaPWR Metabolic Blend

Crafted in collaboration with doTERRA clinical researchers, the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend is a proprietary blend featuring a harmonious ratio of CPTG® Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. When used internally, the MetaPWR essential oil blend can play a crucial role in supporting a daily regimen for a healthy metabolism.


  • May support healthy metabolic function when ingested.

  • May help reduce adipose fat cells when ingested.

  • Helps curb hunger cravings and promotes mindful eating.

  • May help improve exercise performance.

  • Creates an uplifting, stimulating environment.

Ways to use:

  • Diffuse or place a few drops on your hands, cup them over the nose, and inhale deeply to create a stimulating environment thats ideal for exercise.

  • Add drops to a carrier oil or lotion during an uplifting massage.

  • Take internally to help reduce hunger cravings.

    Other ways to use MetaPWR Blend:

    MetaPWR Softgels

    MetaPWR Metabolic Blend Softgels

    MetaPWR Beadlets

    MetaPWR Beadlets

    MetaPWR Gum

    MetaPWR Satiety Gum

MetaPWR Assist

2. MetaPWR Assist

MetaPWR Assist proves to be a potent addition to your daily metabolic health routine, offering optimal benefits when taken before your largest meal each day. Each capsule is enriched with standardized mulberry leaf extract, berberine, cinnamon bark powder, and the exclusive MetaPWR Metabolic Blend.


  • May help release glucose more slowly and steadily.

  • May reduce the absorption of simple carbohydrates and sugar.

  • May support a healthy metabolic profile.

  • May contribute to healthy fat metabolism.

Ways to use:

  • Take one capsule daily with at least eight ounces of water, 15 to 30 minutes before your largest meal. (can take up to 3 a day with each meal if needed)

MetaPWR Advantage

3. MetaPWR Advantage with Collagen

As the years advance, so does the natural progression of your metabolic function—an influencer on your energy levels, weight management, body composition, and even cognitive performance. Developed in collaboration with doTERRA researchers, MetaPWR Advantage is crafted to sustain healthy cell and organ function, providing mental vitality, and encouraging a healthy weight and body composition. When combined with a mindful lifestyle, incorporating MetaPWR Advantage into your daily routine can fortify your overall metabolic health.


  • Promotes youthful function of cells and organ systems.

  • Boosts skin appearance by promoting skin density, increasing firmness, decreasing wrinkles, and improving hydration.

  • Includes Vitamin C.

  • Contains ingredients that promote a healthy circulatory system, nervous system, and mitochondria.

  • Supports the functioning of healthy bones.

  • Help maintains a healthy mental/physical function and performance.

Ways to use:

  • Take one sachet per day. Add contents of sachet to 5 to 8 ounces of water. Stir or shake before drinking.

Free Sample

Coming February to the MetaPWR Line.... MetaPWR Recharge

MetaPWR Recharge

MetaPWR Recharge

MetaPWR Recharge helps hydrate the body with over 75 deep-ocean minerals, including an idea ratio of six key electrolytes, and baobab extract, allowing improved cellular hydration.

Staying adequately hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal metabolic health. Dehydration can disrupt various metabolic processes, leading to reduced energy production, impaired nutrient transport, and potential long-term health issues. To support your metabolic health, it’s crucial to drink enough water and maintain proper hydration.

That’s where MetaPWR Recharge comes in to:

• Increase cellular hydration with optimal delivery of

electrolytes and trace minerals.

• Raise cognitive function.

• Increase endurance and stamina.

• Detoxify and provide antioxidants.

• Accelerate recovery after fatigue.

• Increase VO2 max (cardio-respiratory fitness).

• Improve muscular performance and recovery.As the years advance, so does the natural progression of your metabolic function—an influencer on your energy levels, weight management, body composition, and even cognitive performance. Developed in collaboration with doTERRA researchers, MetaPWR Advantage is crafted to sustain healthy cell and organ function, providing mental vitality, and encouraging a healthy weight and body composition. When combined with a mindful lifestyle, incorporating MetaPWR Advantage into your daily routine can fortify your overall metabolic health.

Ways to use:

  • Add contents of sachet to 16 ounces of water. Stir or shake before drinking.

As you embark on your wellness adventure, remember that the MetaPWR line is not just a series of products; it's a commitment to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. When combined with mindful lifestyle choices, the MetaPWR line becomes a powerful ally in achieving lasting vitality and supporting your journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life. Embrace the transformative potential of MetaPWR and step into a future where well-being is not just a goal but a way of life.

MetaPWR Line

The Science Behind MetaPWR

Blood Sugar Spikes:

Ever wondered about the intricate link between blood sugar spikes, the aging process, and your overall health-span? Well, here's the scoop: it's often said that each time your blood sugar takes a leap, you're hitting the accelerator on the aging journey. Picture your body as a car—flooring the gas pedal and then slamming on the brakes doesn't bode well for your vehicle. Similarly, spikes and crashes in your blood sugar, even if they fall within the normal range, can take a toll on your body, contributing to suboptimal cellular functioning. The secret sauce? Minimizing those blood glucose and insulin rollercoasters. Trust me, it works wonders not just for your overall health but also for keeping your energy levels in the happy zone!

Mulberry Leaf Extract:

The star player in MetaPWR Assist? Mulberry leaf extract. Why's it so crucial? Well, it's like the maestro for all carbs—whether they're sprinting or taking it slow, mulberry leaf extract makes them groove at a steady pace. Thanks to the iminosugars in mulberry leaves, they buddy up with the digestive enzymes in charge of carb metabolism, putting the brakes on their digestion. Result? Your glucose doesn't hit the bloodstream in a speedy sprint. When you pop a MetaPWR Assist pill with your meal, consider it your body's backstage pass to a chilled-out carb digestion party. Of course, this magic pill is your sidekick in the quest for a balanced, healthy diet. Load up on those nutrient-rich, fiber-packed complex carbs, and let MetaPWR Assist be the guardian angel, ensuring your blood glucose levels stay cool and collected.

Simple and Complex Carbohydrates:

When it comes to carbohydrates, they're all crafted from sugar chains, but not all take the same metabolic route. The speedy squad includes simple carbohydrates that zoom into your system, triggering a blood sugar rollercoaster. Think ultra-processed treats and desserts—a haven for these rapid-response carbs. On the flip side, we have the heroes of the story: complex carbohydrates. Aptly named, these carbs boast longer and more intricate sugar chains, earning them the "slow and steady" badge. Whole grains, veggies, and fruits are prime examples of these virtuous carbs. Packed with fiber and essential nutrients, they're the MVPs in your diet, far outshining the nutrient-starved junk food alternatives. Choosing the complex carb route is like giving your body a VIP pass to sustained energy and well-rounded nourishment.

MetaPWR Daily Routine

Your day is packed with plans, and you're eager to make the most of it. Picture this: diffusing essential oils to set the perfect ambiance, influencing your mood and mindset as you tackle your daily tasks. Plus, you're keen on incorporating essential oil products internally for that extra support. Let's dive into some tailored recommendations for maximizing the MetaPWR system.

  • Start your mornings right by incorporating the MetaPWR essential oil blend internally. Whether it's adding the Metabolic Blend to your water or opting for a MetaPWR Softgel or Beadlet, make it a daily ritual.

  • Need an extra boost throughout the day? Lean on the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend for that additional support whenever required.

  • When it's time for your heartiest meal or the one loaded with carbs, introduce MetaPWR Assist to the table—your digestive ally.

And here's the golden rule: don't forget to make MetaPWR Advantage a part of your everyday routine. It's the daily dose of wellness your body deserves. Cheers to making each day as vibrant and energized as possible!

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